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Download MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro – Audioz


Size 427.5 Mb

SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Advanced recording, audio editing & mastering.

The all-new SOUND FORGE Pro 13 offers musicians, producers and sound designers more efficiency, stability and speed for every audio production task: from recording and editing to restoration and mastering.

For over 25 years, SOUND FORGE Pro has set the benchmark for recording, editing and processing audio. The latest version 13, raises that benchmark yet again, offering an improved user experience, with more efficiency, stability and speed for ultimate audio production. The enhanced 64-bit audio engine carries out all tasks – from recording and editing to restoration and mastering – with incredible precision.

Recording Crystal clear on multiple channels

Record pristine audio on up to 32 channels simultaneously, at sample rates up to 64-bit/384 kHz. SOUND FORGE Pro 13 is a fully-portable recording studio that you can take with you wherever you go for multichannel recordings of classical concerts, live bands and other challenging projects.

Audio Editing Total precision

SOUND FORGE Pro 13 provides professional audio processing and sound design at the highest level. From video soundtracks to the final surround sound mix, edit audio with sample-accurate precision. Numerous effect processors and editing tools make SOUND FORGE Pro the ideal application for sound designers.

Mastering Professional sound, noise free

With the all-new SOUND FORGE Pro 13, you can deliver technically perfect masters for CD or streaming, all thanks to its advanced signal processing tools and high-end effects based on top-quality DSP algorithms. Restore recordings and remove clicks, pops and other noise with ease.


The all-new SOUND FORGE Pro 13 offers musicians, producers and sound designers more efficiency, stability and speed for every audio production task: from recording and editing to restoration and mastering.

New custom interface

Customizable user interface
SOUND FORGE Pro 13’s new user interface can now be adapted to your lighting environment and is available in four different colour tones: White, Light, Medium or Dark. Adjust the user interface for maximum comfort when working with audio.


New icon design
Get the complete picture. Newly designed icons make t easier to find various functions in SOUND FORGE Pro 13. In an instant, you’ll know where to click to start a recording, cut audio files or save projects.

Revised docking
Now the window structure is completely tailored to your needs for various functions and audio processing tasks. From recording to mastering, there are presets for all the functions you need in every application.

More stability and efficiency.New VST engine & ARA2 support

New VST engine
SOUND FORGE Pro’s VST2/3 engine has been further developed to offer greater stability and speed when scanning and using plug-ins. The dialog between the VST host and the effect plug-ins is now more efficient, allowing you to work faster and more accurately.

ARA2 support
The ARA2 interface extension makes the exchange of information between SOUND FORGE Pro and the plug-ins even more extensive, so increases the overall flexibility and speed. This allows the more efficient use of plug-in audio data and real-time editing to be performed.

Precise peak level measurement

The new Peak Meter V2

Now you can measure peak levels of your audio signal reliably and correctly. The Peak Meter V2 shows you the precise, current level of an audio signal.

Precise dynamic control, coreFX mastering effects

coreFX 2-Point Compressor
Compared to a classic compressor, a 2-point compressor has two kink points. This allows you to create different characteristics and offers more freedom when compressing dynamic range.

coreFX Limiter
The limiter sets the maximum value of the processed audio signal level, which then won’t be exceeded. Volume differences are eliminated, so that loud and quiet sections are leveled out.

coreFX Expander
Suppress noise and increase your range, as the dynamics of the audio signal are increased for a more natural sound.

coreFX Gate The gate is used to suppress quiet sections in the signal transmission. This removes noise and produces a clean sound.

Accurate echoes, coreFX delay effects

coreFX Delay
Create echoes with the Delay. The simple delay effect is based on analog circuits and produces time-delayed copies of the original input signal to create the echo effect.

coreFX Chorus
For a fuller sound, Chorus produces a time-delayed duplicate of the audio signal with a slight pitch difference. A perceptible doubling and beating effect is created.

coreFX Flanger
The Flanger creates a dynamic, colder sound. By superimposing the original signal and its time-delayed copies, sweeping effects are created for the classic ‘wandering’ sound.

Improved time stretching & pitch shifting

zplane élastique Timestretch with new élastiquePro v3 engine
Get impressive time stretching and pitch shifting without artifacts, thanks to the new élastiquePro v3 engine. Based on modern psychoacoustic models and signal processing theory, zplane élastique delivers stable timing, cross-channel phase coherence and sample-accurate stretching without sound degradation.

SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Highlights:

32-channel file recording, editing and processing
64-bit architecture
Customizable interface: 4 color levels, new icon design and docking
New VST engine and ARA2 support
Record at 64-bit/384 kHz
Numerous audio effects and plug-ins
Mastering and restoration with iZotope plug-ins: Ozone 8 Elements and RX 7 Elements
Peak Meter V2 for level measurement